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5 easy steps to your vaccination
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This simple and easy to use website allows your clients to download a vaccination voucher for YOUR Practice in 5 easy steps.

Check opening times & prices
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Being a VC member provides you with a club website that allows your EXISITING price conscious clients to remain at your Practice for their Vaccinations. Pre-entered details gives the client a choice of opening times, vaccination services and unbeatable prices.

Download and Print your voucher
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Clients download and print off their voucher and either turn up if open surgery or they simply ring in and book an appointment during your Vaccination Club opening times. It’s that simple.


The Vaccination club website has been specifically designed to allow Practices to provide those clients for whom vaccinations are important but may find them financially out of their reach a printable voucher that can be redeemed when they visit your Practice at a time and price to suit you.


Why a client would want to choose Vaccination Club?

  • Continuity of Care
  • Coverage for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
  • Convenient and Local
  • Value

Whether your client has a Dog, Cat or Rabbit we can help keep their special relationship with you, their existing Vet, while offering the lowest priced vaccinations.

Continuity of Care

Vaccinations form a vital part of a pets routine healthcare plan. Vaccination Club was created so that the animals registered at your Practice achieve, where possible, continuity of care so that they maintain a complete medical history with you which is so important when the pet needs further treatment.

Coverage for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

There are many different types of vaccinations available, with different protocols and time frames. This makes judging the cost of protection difficult for a client which is why we ask that Practices that belong to Vaccination Club should only use genuine (not generic) vaccines which last for 12 months and then are renewed with a FULL annual course. This ensures that your clients are aware that their pet is receiving the very best.

Convenient and Local

Clients are prepared to travel very far now to reduce their veterinary expenditure, this has allowed for the opening of new veterinary Practices which use the model of customer and not client and create niche markets with a general disregard for the more expensive areas of veterinary care.

This creates an imbalance for full service Practices who invest in their staff and equipment and who in turn then try to provide a quality service across many different aspects of veterinary care, including the expensive ones requiring high capital outlay and possibly extensive CPD.

Members of the Vaccination Club should believe in providing a complete healthcare package for all pets under their care. Where possible members of Vaccination Club believe every pet should see their regular vet as they know their clients pets the best. Vaccination Club is the tool to offer your clients local convenience at a time and price to suit your workflow.


Vaccination Club allows members to pride themselves on striving to deliver good quality veterinary care but at a price that may be better suited to some clients within your database. By using Vaccination Club you can assure your client of the best price for the necessary protection their pet needs.


Vaccination Club was set up to combat the threat posed by ‘non-traditional, niche service’ Practices. The control parameters of Vaccination Club mean that it is not available to vaccination clinics and certain corporate chains that are creating pressure for independent Practices. All applicants are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they meet the criteria of the club.


Being a member of Vaccination Club requires that you monitor the genuine prices of non Vaccination Club Practices and adjust your opening times and prices to ensure your Vaccination Club prices are always lower to achieve value and convenience. The members of Vaccination Club are not in competition with each other, just those Practices that seek to lower the value of full veterinary healthcare through cut price vaccinations.

Online Vouchers

Clients can only access your Vaccination Club prices by printing off a voucher, when presented this entitles the client to Vaccination Club prices. Staff should be trained such that if a client does not print off a voucher then normal prices remain as the voucher process contains unique benefits to the Practice.

Voucher Marketing

The voucher can also have printed a promotional offer of your choice, such as a flea or worm promotion or even a message about good veterinary care. This adds to the weight of the voucher and the vaccination it is intended for.

Client Data Capture

For a client to reach the voucher print stage they would have had to submit their personal details, which Vaccination Club captures and provides to you the Practice, therefore if the client does not make the appointment within a timeframe of your choice you can proactively ring the client and book them in yourself.

Increase Productivity with Vaccination Club

Veterinary practice is a high fixed cost business and it is important to maximise every hour of the day to cover those fixed costs. Generally staff account for most of that fixed cost, typically between 25-45% of turnover. Downtime therefore is costly and this can usually be identified to be certain days of the week and times of the day. By careful analysis of your own Practice profile you can assess when these spots are and direct your Vaccination Club marketing to these times to draw in clients to fill those empty appointments, maximising your staff working patterns.

Qualitative Returns

Vaccination Club allows access for the cost conscious client to your vaccinations without the need to go elsewhere. Once in the waiting room and the consulting room you have the chance to bond the client to you further by advising them of your higher value offerings and further preventative treatment. If the client was not in your waiting room they will miss the other facets that your Practice has to offer.

CMS Control

Your own CMS (Content Management System) is provided so that you can see all historic vouchers that have been created over any time period. Your login access allows you to add, delete or amend your Practices, services, opening times and prices at a moment’s notice.

Designed by Practices

Vaccination Club was created by Practice owners to combat the threat posed by reduced service Practices and vaccination clinics. The process quickly showed that by careful marketing of the product clients were able to stay with their original Practices without the need to shop around. Vaccination Club always had the mandate that its design needed to be immediately flexible to the changes made by other Practices whilst still offering the client an easy process to voucher generation.


Vaccination Club is designed purely for vaccinations as these are the main bread and butter of most Practices and can form the only contact a Practice may have with its client base and the only chance to pick up on potential pet issues. Every step in the process has been created to be a single click process, making the experience quick, simple and flowing for the client.


The private CMS allows the practice to add, amend or delete branches as required, change its offerings to suit species, prices to undercut their competitors and opening times to maximise quiet periods in the working day/week.

Emails, Reports & Apps.

Every voucher generated sends an email to your Practice to advise of the clients download, this gives the Practice the ability to contact the client proactively if required. The reports sections shows numbers of vouchers downloaded. A handy app feature allows you to create a csv file of any type of client you wish, (let’s say unvaccinated clients that have contacted you that day) and then email them proactively a Vaccination Club offer for them to benefit from.

Insatllation & Support

Installation is quick and simple, the system is web based and requires no capital expenditure on hardware or software. No onsite installation is necessary, removing all disruption from your busy working day and teams. Support is provided remotely via a customer support team who are there for either technical issues or help with ‘how to’.

Getting Started

When you become a member of Vaccination Club we send you a handy step by step guide on how to establish your Practice and any branches you may have. A guide to reports you may wish to run to assess your own individual Practice quiet times so that you can maximise staff and premise productivity to provide the best Vaccination Club opening times.

We also supply pricing guides, reports to run to maximise the benefit of proactively using Vaccination Club to reach out to your client base. We can even provide a generic staff training guide which has do’s and don’ts to help them market Vaccination Club effectively to the right client base.


The fees for Vaccination Club are very simple, with only two tiers, a set fee for the main Practice and a smaller fee for each additional branch.

Then for every voucher downloaded a nominal per item fee.

After this you can then opt to subscribe to have the handy app and request internal Practice marketing for distribution.