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Week View
Prod 1 Example

Rota management can be viewed in day, week and four week format to aid with identifying individuals and their whereabouts and commitments.

Practice View
Prod 2 Example

If a member of staff is responsible for only the vet rota but across multiple branches then selecting vets only on the drill down feature, and using the 'Practice' view allows for immediate identification of which locations require which vets on any given day.

Four Week View
Prod 3 Example

A four week view allows the forward planning of weekends and night work and helps identify if the person may be away on annual leave.


Online Veterinary Appointment and Staff Rota booking system-Rota Management Tool


Online Tool

The rota management system has been designed to be accessed anywhere in the world including mobile devices. Staff members can use their secure login and password and view their rota which is constantly live, any changes made to the rota are instant. Management control allows for staff to be allocated levels of access from read only views, rota production control through to complete administration access.

Increase Productivity With Rota Planning

The online rota allows the key planners in your company to perform their rota duties at any time to suit their own working day and patterns. Being online means that wherever they may be they can create the rota without the need for a fixed computer or access to paperwork.

Conflict Resolution

Integral within the system is the ability for the rota to assist the planner in identifying personnel clashes to ensure no one is placed in two places at once. The system advises of clashes and allows the planner to override the system if desired.

Qualitative & Quantifiable Returns

There is a correlation between the number of staff and the planning required. Using an online rota system allows full utilisation of all team members and ensures that skills are placed where required. The larger the requirement the greater the benefit to a business, careful rota management enables full utilisation of personnel and their skills which creates financial savings and also builds up an emotional savings bank with staff as planning avoids rota resentment.

Go Green

Only an online system allows full rota access and truly removes the need for any form of paper rota management. Email alerts can advise staff members of changes to a rota and if so required a paper copy can always be printed. Staff can come back from annual leave and check the online rota to see if any rota changes have been made whilst away.

Staff Equity

The reporting section allows the equitable division of workload patterns so that individual members of staff are not performing an unequal workload including weekend, night or bank holiday cover. Employees can view any period to help with holiday requirements; this can reduce requests as staff can follow your protocols on holidays without the need to ask. Where holiday space is available staff can request and a reply can be made via the system and recorded for HR purposes.

Rota Allocation Control

The easy to use vertical and horizontal display can be set to provide views in either a location or staff format. This method allows the immediate identification of gaps in the rota. Useful drag and drop copy and paste functions avoid unnecessary entries and replication. CPD, personal events, college, meetings and holidays can easily be added to a rota even if they in the same time as a working pattern.

Designed By Users

The online rota system was designed to always comply with the mandate set by the steering group, that of immediate online access, functionality and simplicity. The pleasing horizontal and vertical format of the Rota allows ease of use for the planner and the user. At a glance colour coding can help staff identify either locations or roles of individuals within the business. Applying the many filters allows staff in alternate departments to be accessed for separate viewing.


Planners can quickly choose the format that works best for their requirements, switching between staff, location and facility views with ease. These areas then can be broken down further into specific subsets of staff members, locations and facilities; therefore if a planner is only required to organize a rota for one set of individuals then this can be honed down to only the subset that they require to see. This saves the time of the planner.

The system has been created to be used quickly and easily, this allows careful delivery of optimum rota patterns which can allow for either a physical number of staff to be present at any one place or time or a specific skill set of individuals who are required to work together.


The settings function allows you to add new members of staff with ease and creating personal profiles that then are utilised for the creation of rotas that are specific to those people involved. Members of staff can be given security privileges and can be removed from the live list which is very useful with temporary or transiting staff.

The reporting section allows management to carefully monitor the whereabouts of each staff member including holidays and training. This creates an environment where staff feel that work loads are shared equally as planners can monitor the levels of work performed by each individual and at each location.

Individual settings can be created that allow for flags if a staff member has been allotted to work in an incorrect location or for too many hours than contracted. Locations can be set according to their opening hours thus preventing the incorrect allocation to closed premises. Conflict resolution informs you if a member of staff has been allocated to two individual locations or events and allows you to override the management tool if required.

Rota Management Time Reduction

It can be a thankless task to create rotas and many staff avoid the role as other staff members can create emotive issues. Careful attention was given in the creation of the product to allow simplicity to reduce where possible the workload of the planners and thus allow them to perform their other daily tasks.

Accuracy & Morale

The automatic identification of rota conflict gives the planner immediate control for resolution, this ensures that mistakes do not filter down to the staff members concerned. The minimisation of rota errors and the ability to ensure equitable rotas means that staff do not feel a bias or unfair disadvantage to others, this reduces tension and boosts morale and staff retention, thus reducing further recruitment needs.

Install & Product Support

The system being web based requires no capital expenditure on hardware or software. No onsite installation is necessary, removing all disruption from your busy working day and teams. Support is provided remotely via a customer support team who are there for either technical issues or to help with 'how to'. The system also comes with its own support section that gives handy guides on efficient usage and set up.

Audit Trail

View a chronological list of changes made to a rota with a record of who made the changes.


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