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Northlands Veterinary Hospital Case Study

Most vets by their very nature are analytical and look for ways to improve or perfect their service offering. Our Practice was no different and as we grew we found the management of our key staff and key services was being put under pressure. We needed to ensure that new graduates were overseen by old hands, our OOH cover had junior members supported by senior members and that when a patient needed to see a member of staff with a specific skill set, we could accommodate their appointment request.

Old paper systems, diaries and rotas were becoming unwieldy; one simple change in one diary meant a ripple of changes throughout every other diary at every other location. Add to this the possibility that the ripple effect then caused further rota issues and the problems became exacerbated and correction fluid flowed.

The new synergy vet system ended that in the best simple to use and functional rota system we have yet seen to date. We set a brief that was to always be followed. It had to be online to cut out all hardware and software costs and IT issues, it had to be simple and functional to use and could easily adapt to changes in the Veterinary market with an ability to be used by the different facets of that market.

Thus was created a product that fulfills all of those criteria. Our use has expanded with the system, we use the rota for planning the location of vets, nurses, reception, telephony and cleaners. It provides HR control and conflict resolution. The rota planners have noticed a virtual end to rota errors and staff like its online capabilities and forward holiday and cpd planning ability. Reception and telephony find the instant ability to organise client appointments around already scheduled management meetings, personal events, rep visits, holidays and cpd a simple procedure without the need for paper based diaries.

This simple, functional, online rota management system is yet to be surpassed
by any other system we have tried.