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Synergy Vet was developed to provide turnkey solutions specific to the requirements of the Veterinary industry. We were approached by a local Veterinary Practice that was encountering issues as their business grew and came under pressure. These pressures ranged from effective management control over personnel to increased competition in their market and the need to develop effective tools to combat the difficulties faced.

The required solution needed to eliminate the need for installation, hardware and software, so an online approach was necessary. In addition the need was for complete simplicity and functionality with an ability to adapt the products to other styles of service such as mixed or equine Practices. Regular weekly meetings ensured a thorough product design and a rigid testing platform.

The online solutions are constantly monitored and refined to ensure that the two core values of simplicity and functionality are at the base of every new feature or improvement. Being closely aligned with the veterinary industry has given us a more rounded insight into its needs and enables us to add a creative and balanced perspective.